BIM Without Boundaries

Do you ever get the feeling that the term: BIM, is being thrown into every conversation relating to building design and construction these days? If so, do you find people talk openly about the possibilities and share what they know in pursuit of a common understanding;  or is it being used as a condescending form of techno-snobbery?

As an antidote to the growing trend for posturing around this subject, I’m here to cut through some of the boardroom bluster and provide a down-to-earth view, with a healthy slice of advice and insight along the way. OK – it is a potentially complex process, with ever-expanding boundaries; but, ultimately it is based around the simple principle of doing things more effectively with modern technology. If you can embrace the concept of common sense then you’ve got the general idea already.

Having moved from the Architectural profession to spend the past 15 years working within the Autodesk Channel, I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with a number of clients, across all industry segments, as they have implemented each new iteration of what we now accept as BIM.

I’ll be talking about the latest news from the industry, updates from major events in the UK, insight from the various regional user groups and of course there will be some updates on the various solutions that make it all happen.

So, feel free to sign up for updates, or subscribe to the RSS feed, using the links in the menu and let me share what’s happening in my little corner of the Autodesk BIM arena.

In future posts I’ll be providing news on the latest standardisation initiatives, talking about some of the latest add-ons & complementary solutions for Revit, providing technical guidance – as well as some commentary from what’s happening in and around the rapidly growing UK BIM community.

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